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Please note that we do not have staff at our office full time or offer emergency on-call services. We are a modern, tech savvy agency that consists of staff working remotely, so the best way to contact us is by emailing! If you do call our main number 612-868-3270, please leave a clear polite voicemail with your name, phone number and message so we can have the appropriate staff member respond.

Ability Care Partners
5701 Kentucky Ave N #119
Minneapolis, MN 55428

Office hours by appointment only
(No walk-in visits or applicants)

Voice # 612-868-3270
Fax # 612-395-5593



The most common phone inquiries are regarding payroll. We partner with a large reputable payroll service, they have a web site and mobile app where employees can view their address, wage history, paystubs, start date, etc. To access this information, you will first need access to a computer with web browser (not able to register via smartphone). Once registerred, you can access payroll reports via smartphone apps. We only offer direct deposit (no paper checks). In the event you feel we made a payroll error, we sincerely apologize and will do our best to address the situation. Please let us know via email or voicemail, and remain polite, we will be glad to help you!

PCA Work / Income Verifications

Employees may access their income and hours data through the Paychex Flex web site 24/7. We only accept work / income verification requests in writing by email or fax. We do not accept these requests by phone or voicemail (they will not be processed). Verifications may take 5 business days. Once the verification is complete, we always fax the completed request directly to the government agency or business who sent the request (we keep receipts of all sent faxes).

CNA Licensing & PCA Service Hours

We frequently get asked if PCA hours count toward CNA licensing renewal. We are a PCA Choice agency, not a CNA agency. You would have to inquire with the state CNA Licensing Board about what qualifes. If we are sent a request for CNA hours verification, we will send a form letter stating your name, start & end date, wage, total hours worked and a copy of our General PCA Job Description. We cannot state specific cares that were done for your client. You may ask your client to write a more detailed letter. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to process this type of request (no last minute verifications). We cannot guarantee your success with CNA licensing.

Job / Employment Reference Checks

All employment reference verifications must be submitted by email or fax (no phone verifications accepted). We can only verify the employee name, start & end date. We do not offer any further information. A copy of our General PCA Job Description is available online. Employees may ask their consumer for a letter of recommendation, however this is not required and we as a company do not offer any recommendation letters. Please allow up to 5 business days for us to process this type of request (no last minute reference verifications).