PhotAbility Care Partners provides PCA Choice services, a program offered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, giving people with disabilities the option to recruit, manage and supervise their own PCA's in partnership with a PCA Choice Provider. PCA Choice is a program created specifically for people who can and want to fully manage their own PCA staff.

PCA Choice vs. Traditional PCA Agencies

People with disabilities often turn to a traditional Personal Care Assistant or Home Health Care Agency to recruit, train and supervise their PCA's. With a traditional agency, an individual often has little or no control over who works with them in this very personal and essential area of their life. To provide their services, the agency endures higher weekly expenses and thus the PCA's generally receive a lower pay wage, often resulting in a fairly high employee turnover rate.

Some people with disabilities need an agency to hire, train, schedule and supervise their personal care for them, which is why traditional PCA agencies are present for those who need that assistance.

The PCA Choice option is intended for those who are capable of directing every aspect of their care situation (with the guidance of their PCA Choice Provider), including having an adequate back-up PCA support system in place.

For more information about the PCA Choice Program, please view our DHS PCA Choice Information page.

The Ability Care PCA Choice Partnership

As our business name implies, we strive to create a true partnership with our clients.[nbsp]In this partnership, we guide our clients, as needed, while we handle the administrative duties (background checks, payroll, liability insurance/bonds, etc). Our client’s are responsible for recruiting, training, scheduling and directing their PCA's.

Clients know the best in what they need and want from those working with them in this critical aspect of their life. With the client recruiting and managing their own PCA staff, we minimize our expenses and are able to offer a more competitive wage, resulting in less employee turnover.

We are dedicated to working with our clients to create an agency which meet their needs. We strive to offer guidence as much as possible as allowed under the PCA Choice program.

Advantages of our Partnership

We offer many advantages to our clients as our Partners in providing quality care services:

  • Competitive wages without any hidden restrictions;
  • Full Access to our resourceful web site;
  • Paperwork available in PDF format so you can type in form fields fast and easy;
  • Our custom-made Enhanced PCA Timesheet which you can type in the shifts and have total hours calculated automatically;
  • Fair timelines to complete timesheets and submit them by email, fax or postal mail;
  • Partner Social Events which all clients, friends, family, PCA's, etc are invited to socialize, as we like to keep in touch with our clients on a regular basis;
  • Charitable donations to groups that our clients value and support
For more information please Contact Us to discuss our services in more detail.